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Salena Morrow Reiki, tarot, astrology, angels, shamanic traditions. 907-229-2397
Amena Divine Tarot Psychic Readings AmenaDivine.com
Antswers Chair massage, Lava Stones, Lifestyle Coaching BalanceCareConnect.com
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Gilbert Roetman Gilbert Roetman Master Oneness Blessings(free) OnenessUniversity.org
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Jonnie Gunther Transpersonal Constellations-Soul Gazing Readings 760-382-4399
Joyce McNamara Transpersonal Constellations-Soul Gazing Readings 760-382-4399
Kay Hoover Medium and Clairvoyant.Channel for the Ascended Masters 907-360-4744
Dawn Kelly Certified Hypnotism, Toe Reader 907-227-0989
Bobby Cobb Liberation Hypnotist, Transformative Transition Coach, Spiritual Awakening Facilitator 941-773-4321
Ruth Mitchell Tarot, Celestial Readings 907-280-8795
Helen Talltree Pathways to Healing 907-301-5045